140cm flat shoelaces
navy sholaces
140cm flat shoelaces
navy sholaces

Jordan 4 Shoelaces

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A classic Jordan sneaker launched in 1989, the Jordan 1 was the first launch by the collaborative effort between Nike and Mike himself

Use our quick sizing guide to find the perfect replacement laces for your Air Jordan trainer.

8 eyelet sneakers

Trainer Air Jordan 1
Eyelets 8
Lace Type Flat
Length (Inches) 49 – 54″
Length (CM)  140

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About The Jordan 4

The Jordan 4 basketball shoe is a state classic retro piece from the Air Jordan footwear collection. It is arguably the most collectable shoe from the range s year after year, limited releases see the Jordan 4 sell out time and time again.

Released in 1989 it features a cushioned sole and visible air bubble with a reinforced lacing system. The shoe has 8 main functional eyelets and comes as standard with Flat shoelaces. The Jordan 4 is best laced with Flat laces 140 cm in length.

For styling Air Jordan 4 Shoelaces laces in a threaded style across all 8 eyelets keep a out of the box look.

Designed in the late ’90s, the Air Jordan 4 is a basketball trainer from the Nike Jordan range. With quick strike releases and OG colour ways, Jordan 4 is a staple in street wear fashion seen being worn by fashion bloggers, tumblr writers and street fashion fanatics.

It’s most popular colour way being the original ‘White /red .black’ design. . Featuring flat style shoelaces and retro design, the Ari Jordan 4 is one of Jordans most popular designs.

Use our quick sizing guide to find the perfect laces for your Nike Air Jordan 4.

Trainer Air Jordan 4
Eyelets 8-9
Lace Type Rope
Length (Inches) 36″
Length (CM) 140

How to buy replacement shoe laces for the Nike Air Jordan 4

The Air Jordan 4 features 8 eyelets and requires a shoe laces length of 140 cm to keep lacing looking original. The Jordan 4 is laced with a Flat shoe lace, more commonly sporting a black on white style. The Jordan 4 is usually styled with threaded style lacing throughout all 8 eyelets. Use our quick shoe lace sizing guide to find the correct replacement Jordan 1

Popular Shoe lace Colour Choices


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Please note that our shoelaces are not manufactured by Nike. Our shoelaces provide a replacement fit lace for the Nike Air Jordan 1.

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