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Vans Old Skool Shoelaces

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  • Vans Old Skool replacement
  • 120cm – 140 cm in length
  • 100% Polyester
  • Flat Laces

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About The Vans Old Skool

The Vans Old Skool has become an everyday essential and probably one of the most popular trainers of 2017. First to hit the street in 1977 the Vans Old Skool was originally known as the style 36. A low top skate shoe constructed from leather panels. The Vans Old Skool was the first Vans shoe to include the iconic side stripe.

The Vans Old Skool features 8 eyelets however, is rarely seen worn with shoelaces laced through all eyelets. The Vans Old Skool is most commonly worn with the shoelaces toed through 7 or less of the eyelets.

Our sizing guide will help you find the correct lace size for your Vans Old Skool trainers.

Trainer Vans Old Skool
Eyelets 7 – 8
Lace Type Flat
Length (Inches) 36″ – 60″
Length (CM) 120cm – 160cm


How to buy replacement shoe laces for the Vans Old Skool

The Vans Old Skool has 8 eyelets and requires a flat shoelaces. We recommend shorter shoelaces as the trainer is most commonly styled using 7 or less eyelets.

Please note that our shoelaces are not manufactured by Vans. Our shoelaces provide a replacement fit lace for the Vans Old Skool.

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