Nike Shoelaces Size Chart

Finding Shoelace lengths for Nike Trainers

The easiest and most efficient way to find the correct length of your shoelaces is measure the length of the shoelace itself. However, it is not often possible to measure the length. If you are unable to measure the length of the lace you want to replace there are other ways of doing so.

Finding the correct length of a shoelace can be done by determining the amount of eyelets found on the sneaker or trainer. Counting the eyelets on the shoe will provide you with the correct information to use our quick sizing guide for Nike trainers to find the right length for your replacement shoelace. Using our Nike shoelace guide below you will be able to make the number of eyelets to the correct length shoelace.

Nike Shoelaces Size Chart

Pairs of Eyelets on Shoes Shoelace Length (IN) Shoelace Length (CM)
5 eyelets 36 In 91 CM
6 – 7 eyelets 45 In 114 CM
8 eyelets 54 In 137 CM
9 – 10 eyelets 60 In 152 CM

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