Straight European Lacing

A traditional style of lacing commonly found in Europe. The shoelaces run straight across on the outside and diagonally on the inside. This type of lacing is often refereed to as Ladder Lacing. European Straight Lacing provides a clean fresh lacing style.

How to Straight European Lace a pair of trainers, shoes or boots.

The Technique for Straight European lacing

  • Start at the bottom of the shoe and lace straight across on the outside and then in through the bottom set of eyelets.
  • Then feed the shoelace ends diagonally on the inside and straight across on the outside.
  • Alternate with both left and right ends until the lacing is completed.


Straight European Lacing Benefits

Straight European lacing provides a very tight and secure lacing method. This form of lacing can be found commonly on laces and dress shoes such as Oxfords and Brogues.

Best Uses For Straight European Lacing

  • Suits trainers and dress shoes
  • Neat style of lacing
  • Can provide great support
Straight European Lacing

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