Straight Bar Lacing

Straight bar lacing is most commonly used for the lacing of trainers and sneakers. Straight bar lacing is often refereed to as Lydiard Lacing or Fashion lacing.

This form of lacing provides a clean lacing look widely and removes the underlying diagonals of shoelaces found with alternative shoelace methods. Straight bar lacing also provides the added benefit of removing the pressure from the top of the foot.

How to Straight Lace a pair of trainers, shoes or boots.

Even eyelet lacing

  • Start with running the shoelace straight across from the outside on the bottom eyelets and then in through the eyelet on the opposite side.
  • Run the shoelaces straight up in the inside, through the eyelet, then straight across the outside of the shoe.
  • Both ends of the shoelace will then run up the inside, both skipping one eyelet at a time pulling through two eyelets at a time.
  • Both ends of the shoelace will continue to lace moving straight across on the outside of the shoe and in through the adjacent eyelet.
  • Continue lacing the shoe in this fashion until the shoe is completely laced through the desired amount of eyelets.

Straight Bar Lacing Requirements

Straight bar lacing works best on shoes and trainers with an even number of eyelets. This is important because the shoelace must cross an even number of times for lacing to appear neatly and will ensure that the shoelaces meet in the middle to enable the lace to be tied together.

straight bar lacing

Best Uses For Straight Bar Lacing

  • Fashionable Look
  • Ease of cutting shoelaces
  • Removes upper pressure from the foot
  • Provides even shoelaces to tie

Other Shoelacing Methods

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