Over Under Lacing

Another common style of lacing is over under lacing. This type of lacing can reduce friction and make the lace easier to tighten and loosen and can also reduce wear and tear. The shoe laces simply alternative between crossing over and under through the eyelets.

How to Over Under Lace a pair of trainers, shoes or boots.

The Technique

  • Start at the bottom of the shoe and lace straight across on the outside and then in through the bottom set of eyelets
  • At each eyelet alternate between crossing the shoelace over on the outside and in through the next pair of eyelets on the inside of the shoe.
  • Repeat crossing alternatively until the lacing is complete.

Over Under Lacing Benefits

Over Under lacing provides a great look for trainers and shoes. This lacing technique is also very fast and can enable less wear and tear on the shoelace. This is because the laces do not rub against each other. Under Over lacing also requires less tightening of the shoelaces.

Best Uses For Type of Lacing

  • Great look
  • Quick and easy
  • Enables less wear and tear
Under Over Lacing

Other Shoelacing Methods