What is Criss Cross Lacing?

Criss cross lacing is one of the most common and popular styles of lacing. The shoelaces are simply criss crossed through the eyelets all the way through the shoe. As a result, this method can be used on pretty much all types of shoes, boots and trainers.

How to Criss Cross Lace a pair of trainers, shoes or boots.

The Technique

  • Start at the bottom of the shoe on the first set of eyelets.
  • Start lacing straight across on the inside and out through the eyelets
  • On each set of eyelets cross the ends and feed under then bring the shoelaces out through the next higher set of eyelets.
  • Continue criss crossing the shoelaces until the lacing is complete

Criss Cross Lacing Benefits


As one of the most common forms of lacing this method is often preferred for comfort an ease of use, this also enables a maximum even balance throughout the shoe. This is because the crossover of the shoelaces occurs on the sides and are then not pressed against the foot at the top, therefore this makes it an ideal deal method for tightening any sport shoes and trainers or any activity that requires a snug fit.

Best Uses For Straight Bar Lacing

  • Fashionable Look
  • Easy to lace
  • Comfortable shoelace style
Criss Cross Lacing

Other Shoelacing Methods

Criss Cross Lacing

Above is an example of classic of this method on the Infamous Nike Air Force 1.

There are many other methods available to lace and tie shoes and trainers. Others are popular for different fashion looks, For instance bar lacing is another highly popular choice. To see this and more, check our other how to’s in our lacing method resources page.